Monday, 1 December 2014

"Innerzeal Reggae-robics Fitness for Life" TRAILER

"Are you satisfied today? Is this what you want or Something better? If you don’t know what Reggae-robics is, check out my GofundMe page and show some love. “Reggae-robics fitness” encourages you to find out what your purpose is when you make a commitment to “fitness for life”. It is a natural inclination to put ourselves down because we live in a negative world. Guard your mind against negative programming – join the team – support the movement - uplift your spirit to greater heights. Experience the wellness within..If you don’t fill your mind & body with positivity, you will Live in quiet desperation. And guess what... Fear of the unknown can paralyze you! Lift up your eyes – I believe you deserve this. “The inner zeal Reggae-robics dancercise” ......."

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